Saturday, November 28, 2009

Women Deliver Conference Scholarship!

Women Deliver is an awesome conference on international women's health and rights that is held every year, please check them out at their website:

It is definitely something that I have always wanted to attend and I think I might even get a fighting chance this year with the new scholarship program they started. You should definitely apply too! The site specific for the scholarship is (

Women Deliver 2010 Conference Scholarships

Women Deliver is committed to making Women Deliver 2010 accessible to individuals from all over the world, and will offer full conference scholarships to selected candidates. Scholarships will cover: conference registration, roundtrip airfare, visa fees, hotel stay, and a stipend for incidentals and meals. (For travel reimbursement, please maintain actual and valid receipts of all transactions including visa fees, taxi rides, etc).

DEADLINE: Women Deliver must receive your completed application online on or before the deadline of December 15, 2009.

Please click here to fill out the entire online application.

Good luck to us all! Let me know if you get it too because that would be pretty awesome.



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