Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Win a Trip with Nicholas Kristof!

So I have to admit that Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn really won me over with Half the Sky. I brought the book advance before it even came out because I am really obsessed with the topic of international women's health. The Fall 2009 semester came and it was a mega doozy so I really only began to read this book seriously this winter break. I finished it and I LOVED this book. It was great because it was organized with anecdotes of Nick and Sheryl's actual experiences and women that they met as journalists. Then what I liked is that it went beyond this and also included information about people making a difference and felt like it was about empowerment and about starting a movement towards real change.

Anyway so I was looking at Nick's blog for the New York Times called, On the Ground, that I also posted on here. It was great because there is where I found out about this opportunity! You should definitely apply! Last years candidate was a medical student and it seemed like she had a great and eye opening experience travelling with Nick Kristof. I am going to see if I can find her email or something so I can maybe interview her for this blog to find out what that experience was like.

For now check this opportunity out! I think all you AMWA members out there should apply for this. There is so much good that you could do with such an opportunity:

1) It is an all expenses paid trip to not meet women abroad and find out what are the things that are going on in their lives

2) It is also an opportunity probably to make a direct difference in the lives of these women because although Nick Kristof is a journalist it seems like he always takes some sort of action in these most dire situations



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